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Get the Dee Weeder

The one garden tool that does it all !

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and replaces so many tools! Its patented virtual design of ultra-sharp forks allow you to remove weeds, even around flower beds! It gives the ideal soil for root growth, and helps you have a beautiful garden. Forget carrying a bucket of garden tools, get the rust-proof Dee Weeder™ and garden with ease !

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Dee Weeder

9 functions in 1

The multifunctional tool to get rid of weeds
and clean flower beds.


Love it, Love it, Love it !!!!!!!!!

"I have a big blue bucket with every garden tool known to man. I went out to my flower beds with one tool today. It did EXACTLY what they say it can do. This product makes me a happy woman."

Ny Giants


Very Handy

The gardening season has started a little early so I got to use this now and I love it. It is great for so many chores. It gets along the edges and it helps to shake the dirt off of weeds and it is great for digging. I use each time I go out to garden."


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the one garden tool that does it all !

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